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Tools & Equipments for 3rd Semester - Electrician Trade

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Tools & Equipments for 3rd Semester Electrician Trade

The default quantity shown below is according to the syllabus requirement as specified by DGET. If you want a different quantity than what is specified in syllabus, you can simply edit the quantity by putting the required quantity number. In case you don't want any product from the list, simply change the quantity to 0 (zero).

SKU Product Name Price Qty
3ET1 Hygrometer
Rs. 355.00
3ET2 a. Cut out Relays b. Reverse current c. Over current d. Under voltage
Rs. 0.00
We do not supply this product
3ET3 Starters for 2 to 5 H.P. A.C Motors a. Resistance type starter b. Direct on line Starter c. Star Delta Starter- manual, semi-automatic and automatic d. Auto Transformer type
Rs. 19,900.00
3ET4 Motor Generator(DC to AC) set consisting of - Shunt Motor
Rs. 62,155.00
3ET5 AC Squirrel Cage Motor with star delta starter and triple pole iron clad switch fuse. 2 to 3 HP, 3-phase ,400 volts, 50 cycles
Rs. 22,375.00
3ET6 AC phase-wound slip ring Motor with starter and switch 5 HP, 400 volts, 3-phase, 50 cycles
Rs. 39,400.00
3ET8 Single Phase Capacitor Motor with starter switch 1 HP 230 volt 50 cycles
Rs. 18,568.00
3ET10 Stepper Motor with Digital Controller
Rs. 5,445.00
3ET11 Shaded Pole Motor
Rs. 0.00
We do not supply this product
3ET12 Bath Impregnating
Rs. 7,250.00
3ET13 Oven Stove
Rs. 7,250.00
3ET14 Synchronous motor 3 Phase, 3 HP, 415V, 50Hz, 4 Pole, with accessories.
Rs. 44,135.00
3ET15 Lux meter
Rs. 1,035.00
3ET7 A.C. Series type Motor with mechanical load 0.25 HP, 230V, 50 Hz
Rs. 13,635.00
3ET9 Universal Motor with starter/switch 230 volt, 50 cycles 0.25 HP
Rs. 13,635.00



Tools & Equipments for 3rd Semester Electrician Trade - Includes Required Tools for 3rd Semester as prescribed by DGET 2014 Syllabus.


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